Are you a woman and looking for a Work From Home opportunity?

Opportunity For House Wives

Start your business now without disturbing your work life balance. Become a proud mother-entrepreneur, wife and a business woman. Earn money, fame and much more.

Work as per your comfort

The best part about this opportunity is that you do not have to work as per fixed working hours. You may decide your work timings and plan your business accordingly.

Helping You Achieve Success


I am in the business of helping others fulfil their dreams. I would help and support in fulfilling your dreams just because somebody helped me fulfil mine when I started this journey

Here are some of the reasons as to why should you join me and my network. We provide you a platform that will help you grow personally and professionally as well.


  • Joined Oct 2015.
  • Started working in January 2016.
  • Sr manager ship Oct 2016.
  • Directorship March 2017 ( Cash awards 50,000/-)
  • Senior directorship Oct 2017. ( Cash awards. 75,000/-)
  • Gold director and SR Gold director September 2018. ( Cash awards. 2,50,000/-)

Financial Independence

Our business will help you become financial independent and support your family as well

Business Support

We will help you with all possible support to help you grow and strengthen your business

Training and Development

We have various ongoing online and offline training initiatives helping you improve your business

Recruitment and Retention

The art of Quality Recruitment. Make Recruitment a Habit. Learn the techniques to retain talent.




Oriflame was Founded in 1967 by two brothers Robert and Jonas AF Jochnick and their friend. Oriflame is now an international beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries worldwide. Oriflame has1.5 billion Euros in annual sales. Oriflame has approximately 3.6 million consultants worldwide. Oriflame has 7900 employees.


“Oriflame has really changed my life from an ordinary housewife to a business woman. Being associated with Sapna we have learnt a lot. Always ready to help us with proper guidance and direction. .”

“ORIFLAME says we changes lives and it is so true for me, I am Gold Director and earning 7 lack per year, yes ORIFLAME helped me to live extra ordinary life from ordinary life”

“At the age of 20 I started Oriflame From first day my focus was full time business . I was inspired by Oriflame because of its world class products & business opportunity where there is No investment No boss , no fix time and chance to travel world.”


Nisha Sharma

Joined Oriflame in 2nd April 2016. Monthly income from oriflame 56000. Want to build own house. Want to become independent woman.

Savita Joon

Joined Oriflame in 2nd April 16. Home Maker, Want to make own house from the income of oriflame . Feeling proud to be a part of fastest growing team.


Education: MA, Joined Oriflame in September 17. Home Maker, Want to become director in 2-3 months. Dream buy a car nd international tour

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Every human being possess dreams but only a fraction of it actually make it a reality. Join our network and be a part of a successful group that does not believe in failures.

Without a system nothing will work on its own. Our business system is very simple and easy that everyone can follow. We have already produced amazing results and are growing faster.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!