Sapna Kapoor

Oriflame Senior Gold Director

Helping you channel your full potential

My Story

M y name is Sapna Kapoor, from Faridabad. before joining Oriflame I was working as a teacher in a reputed school. I worked in many schools because of transferable job of my husband. I was not at all satisfied with my teaching job. Finally I had to quit my job on birth of my daughter. I was user of Oriflame products for the last many years. As I was to move in different cities with my husband, I was always in search of somebody who can supply me Oriflame products. As every one knows these products are not available in open market. All of a sudden one fine morning while surfing on Facebook, I saw a post of Oriflame. Immediately I got connected with that person and joined Oriflame in October 2015 by paying Rs. 49 as joining fee. It stopped my continuous search of Oriflame products offline in different cities. Now I could buy these at my own. I saw CPL list of the company which surprised me as to how much we can earn by doing Oriflame business.

It gave me a boost and I decided to start this business. I did not know much about Facebook also. With trial and error method, I started posting on Facebook. It was surprising for me when I got two recruits in the same month. I got enthusiastic and started this business wholeheartedly. In first month I got Rs. 300 from the company. And then I decided to achieve level of Senior managership by the year end and I achieved it. I did my Senior managership in Oct 2016 and I received Rs. 50000 from the Company. I fulfilled my dream of earning Rs. 50000 per month, but it was the first step of my success ladder. It was just a start of my journey. As I empowered myself, I decided to empower other women also. I started my Senior Director level in Oct 2017 and have targetted Gold and Senior Gold Director title together in March 2018. Now my mission is to empower every woman and wish that they also fulfil their dreams. I bought my own flat and decided to pay instalment out of earning I get from Oriflame. Its true that ORIFLAME fulfils the dreams and generates new dreams.

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